Interpreting wine as an experience
to make time stand still

What interventionInterior project
For what resultsWine Club & Exhibition Center
In which placeValdarno (AR) - Italy
For which customerPrivate customer
With which partnersUmberto Daina
Where are we nowPreliminary project


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Wine Time is a thematic pavilion that has the dual objective of telling the world of wine through an experiential journey and presenting a selection of excellent wineries through interactive and immersive digital technology.

We have designed an experience that is born on an online platform and becomes reality in the Valdarno (AR) wine hub through a highly engaging and exciting journey that transports visitors into the world and tradition of wine.
The visitor who enters the building will find himself at first impact in a place perceived as one of a kind, that amazes him and allows him to have a strong emotional experience which he
can share with friends and acquaintances both live and on social media.


The uniqueness of the experience, the particularity of the premises, the impact of audio/visual communication and technologies are designed to immerse visitors in a new immersive experience on the edge between real and virtual space. At the same time the wineries are protagonists, finding in this place a space to best express the variety, the uniqueness and the excellence of their wines.


The first room is dominated by the installation Il tempo della vite (the time of the vine), which consists of a circular “aquarium” in which the climate of a year is dynamically recreated. In this way, each segment of the row inside is in a different season and the full circle will account for a complete year. The installation is completed by audio that transports the visitor to the activities carried out in the vineyard in the various seasons.
Sitting in front of the installation, or walking around it, the visitor experiences the vineyard and its cyclical time in a unique way, always different but inexorable.

In the second room, the installation Il tempo sospeso is dedicated to the maturation time of wine in the bottle.
An oblique wall on which a linear video runs is marked by the slow ticking of a metronome
that tells the suspended time of this extraordinary process. It is not a dead time, but one full of transformations that each company interprets in a unique way and in which waiting is shaped and controlled to produce excellence.
Sitting in front of the installation, or walking in front of it, the visitor perceives the richness of that time concealed behind each wine that he can later taste on the upper floor.

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Here the wine itself becomes the installation with which to interact: the visitor, hosted and embraced by the presentation of the cellars and their wines, can end the experience of the Polo del Vino as he prefers: a tasting of wines from a region or vintage, an aperitif with friends or a lunch with the family.
There are many ways to enjoy wine, from conviviality to introspection. Il tempo del piacere leaves the user free to follow the preferred path.

To learn more

Upon entering the building, at the reception, in the lobby, touch screens invite visitors to log in via the online site. Those who are not yet members of the Club are informed of the benefits of membership. The system connects the mobile phone and/or issues a contactless card and suggests associating a payment method in order to obtain a complete and fluid experience in the Polo del Vino.
With smartphones and/or membership cards, multimedia contents are unlocked along the way, creating personalized tastings, discovering the online platform, deepening the knowledge of the activities related to wine production or sharing the experience on social networks.

To attract visitors to the Polo del Valdarno we thought it necessary to offer new contents and images for the world of wine, creating an impactful and trendy interior design, compensating for the peripheral position compared to the usual tours with the possibility of living an original and unusual phygital experience.

Thanks to the use of the online platform interface, virtual and real experiences merge and complement each other, encouraging interaction with social networks and sharing.
The installations on the ground floor introduce the traditions behind wine, leading the visitor to reflect on the Time of Wine. This experience is completed by interactive multimedia contents where it is possible to deepen one’s knowledge on the activities typical to production, discovering the Club's wines and cellars through these insights. The cellars then, in these same spaces, can present themselves to the public through events and tasting, helping make the club dynamic and attractive.
Upstairs, the visitor is welcomed by the companies in an environment dedicated to the Time of Pleasure. Here, through a fluid and interactive experience, it is possible to learn more, taste, eat, buy or simply take time to relax while sipping magnificent wines.