Social Housing

An on-going dialogue between welcoming interiors and quality of the surrounding mountain landscape.

What interventionArchitectural design
For what resultSocial housing
In what placeBrunico (Bolzano), Italy - Parco Clima
For which customerIPES Brunico
With which partnersHydea Spa
Where are we nowCompetition - 3rd place


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Deep loggia



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The building fits with character and elegance into Brunico’s New Parco Clima

through a façade which, with a series of deep loggia, states the variety of the layout of the thirty apartments.
Important splays allow to expand the surface of the loggia, enabling residents to experience them as a true extension of the living space, transforming the concept of border into a dialogue between the welcoming interiors and the quality of the surrounding mountain landscape.
The volume interprets the alpine climate by constructing itself as a compact parallelepiped, made vibrant by an intense play of light and shadows and by a void on the ground and first floor, which gives continuity to the pedestrian walkways on the ground floor. 
On the other hand, materiality and privacy are the unique characteristics of the eastern and northern elevations that highlight the choices of the internal layouts which can be appreciated thanks to the windowed openings .

Weber-Architects-Firenze-BR 01 verticale 1
Weber-Architects-Firenze-BR 03

Local and traditional materials, such as wood and stone, not only favor a harmonious insertion into the environment but also, thanks to their darker tones, allow for retention of the heat from the sun’s rays during the winter season.

Weber-Architects-Firenze-BR 09
The layout provides an optimal distribution of the day and night areas. The pass-through housing passively guarantees comfort conditions thanks to cross ventilation and effective lighting in the various domestic environments. The deep terraces to the south and west create a physical connection between the interior spaces of the apartments and the outside.
Weber-Architects-Firenze-BR 04
Weber-Architects-Firenze-BR 05
The high-performance envelope and the green roof participate in the absorption / release dynamics of internal loads for a passive reduction of the overall energy requirement.

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The residential units, in Casaclima A class, benefit from the compact shape and the strong insulation of the envelope, both strategies that balance the north-south position of the building.
The apartments have double exposure, with modern and functional layouts, in which the living areas are exposed to the west in order to receive the afternoon and evening light, while the sleeping areas are placed to the east, avoiding interference between the living and sleeping areas of adjacent apartments.
This strategy is perfectly aligned with the desire to ensure internal comfort thanks to passive cooling through transverse ventilation and optimal natural lighting of the various environments.
The green roof and the external gardens positively contribute to the internal and external microclimate, as well as guaranteeing, together with the draining pavements, an excellent water balance to support the permeability of the soils. 
A small public park, routes dedicated to slow mobility, and a wide range of bicycle parking spaces, favor and support the formation of neighborhood relationships by stimulating the liveliness of the ground floor. 
The building, on top of being connected to Brunico’s district heating, implements energy efficiency strategies by integrating mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and efficient lighting and a photovoltaic field on the roof.