A (con)temporary

What interventionArchitectural design
For what resultTemporary Architecture for Events
In what placeFlorence - Italy
For which customerEXIT srl
When2017 — 2018
Where are we nowExecutive project


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Limited land use


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The project for a temporary structure on Swan lake stems from the desire to insert a space identifiable as the center of the Florentine cultural scene in a strategic place of the city.

The Off-bar, a consolidated protagonist of the Florentine Summer, is inserted into the park and rests upon the lake’s banks, maximizing the use of the area and defining a piazza-like-space with strong social character.

The configuration provides, in a symmetrical design, refreshment areas that frame both a center stage suitable for hosting various cultural and entertainment events and a fountain, enhancing the scenographic backdrop to the events and creating a symbolic embrace towards the public.

The installation must be assembled and reassembled for 3 consecutive years and this provided an opportunity to investigate the issues of assembly and disassembly, and to deepen the knowledge of life-span of the various components, all completely reusable and / or recyclable.

Weber-Architects-Firenze-001 Aerea verticale

The parametric design made it possible to optimize structures and materials and methods of construction in order to minimize waste and maximize material recovery.

Weber-Architects-Firenze-003 Frontale